“Maurer has often stated that she doesn’t consider her work to be overtly political, that critics have been too eager to project political meaning onto her works. And so it is, my own projected sense of foreboding on seeing borders and containment in the barcode-like structures of 6 out of 5 (1979).”

Observations of Change – Dóra Maurer: 6 out of 5

Published at exindex

“As we face an accelerating environmental crisis in this century, Atkins’ seaweed impressions surface with something like visionary timing, having slipped their privately-published moorings, to remind us about extinctions past and present, those erasures and absences yet to come.”

Art & Algae: The Work of Anna Atkins

Published at Full Stop

“Out of the blue, like a message in a bottle washed ashore, and bathed in as much mystery, a hitherto unknown copy of a book considered the first to feature photographic images drifted into tantalising view. One of fewer than 20 copies accounted for, the Horniman Museum’s folio of Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions is the most complete to have surfaced since its private publication by the early naturalist and photographer, Anna Atkins, in 1843.”

Pools of Blue – Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions

Published at Edward Chell: Bloom

“Storytelling becomes a form of protection, a method for either closing or creating distance across difference, perimeters to avoid contamination and danger, or for shoring up certainties and rounding up collective truths.”

Sitting to Stay with the Trouble

Published at Fungiculture Journal

“The exhibition’s emotional force peaks at richly subjective responses that connect the body to expansive understandings of identity as cultural.”

Forensics: The anatomy of crime

Published at The Learned Pig

“Eclipse is an affectively charged attempt to bridge the dislocation between these types of space or encounter, between the rigidity of cultivation and the romance of wild places.”

Eclipse – Edward Chell

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“The idea of fixing the human machine lends itself to a constitution of the human body somewhere, out there, and yet within, as somehow temporally adrift, stretching out into future generations, and yet still prior to birth.”

Junk Theory: DNA, Disability and Reparative Readings

Published at The Journal of Wild Culture

“Whereas almanacs of yore might have been used to identify change in the soil, to watch the skies and chart crop yields, as calendar-like tools for productive consultation on changeable conditions, the editors stress that this one shouldn’t be relied on as authoritative survey.”

The Live Art Almanac: Volume 3

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“One of the criticisms levelled at the artist and co-ordinator, Rachel Gadsden, by the author of the piece was that she didn’t disclose fully or properly, the extent or nature of her own disability. I think that this goes some way towards emphasizing the risks inherent in performance and display, as well as in noting the marked difference between ‘talking back’ and ‘telling’.”

Magnetic Man – T.R.I.A.L: Does Dark Matter?

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